Outdoor Equipment Protection

Outdoor Equipment Protection

Even though the use of AtticFoil™ radiant barrier isn’t typically in outdoor applications where the foil is exposed to the natural elements, it can be used that way.


We have seen this done on structures that have flat roofs where they place the radiant barrier over the flat roof in order to reflect the heat off the building or home.


Another similar application was during the 2011 PGA Tour in Georgia where the media trucks lined the tops of their trucks/golf carts with AtticFoil™ radiant barrier to keep the equipment under the foil cooler.


In the photo here, AtticFoil™ was used to wrap black plastic odor scrubber tanks that were 10 feet in diameter and 7 feet high and exposed to sunlight almost all day.


The tanks were wrapped with the 48″ wide standard radiant barrier foil and aluminum foil tape was used to secure both the horizontal and vertical seems; special care was made not to get the tape on the tanks. Later they went back and secured the top edge of the foil with nylon strapping around the tanks, to guard against rain and wind repositioning the foil. This method works because the foil is open to the outside air so it’s able to reflect the sunlight off the tanks (which are normally black and absorb heat well). AtticFoil™ was chosen for this project because of its durability and other products that use bubbles or fiberglass would not stand up well against the elements outside over time.


Even though these applications are not the everyday use we see for AtticFoil™, these customers can easily get at least a couple of years use out of the foil this way, maybe even longer!


Other Possible Outdoor Uses for Radiant Barrier:

  • Plastic tanks
  • A/C units (not covering the vents)
  • Playhouses for children
  • Frost Blankets for gardening
  • RV/Camper units
  • Porches (screened/not screened)
  • Dog Houses

Do you have an outdoor project you are considering using radiant barrier foil for? If so, let us know and we’d be glad to help you decide it radiant barrier is the right choice, or if something else would suite you better. In these cases, the foil worked great and the customers are very happy with the results!