Product Specs

AtticFoil™ technical specifications

For technical specs on any product other than the Original AtticFoil™ Radiant Barrier Foil (heavyweight perforated aluminum product), see the links below this chart. All testing done via: UNITED STATES TESTING COMPANY, INC.

Product double-sided (single sided foil radiant barrier also available), reflecting, 99% pure aluminum foil with inner woven polyethylene scrim
Weight 28.6lb per 1,000 square foot roll +/- 2%
Thickness 5 mils thick (this is about the thickness of a business card or camping tarp)
Tensile Strength Machine Direction 83.7lb/in width and Cross Direction 70.1lb/in width per ASTM D-828
Flame Spread 10 ASTM E84
Smoke Development 10 under ASTM E84 testing
Water Vapor Permeability 72g/m 2/24hr; 14 perms ASTM E96
Temperature Range -76°F to 212°F ASTM C411
Thermal Properties emissivity 0.03 (reflects 97% of infrared heat) ASTM E408
Delamination All AtticFoil™ radiant barrier products are manufactured using PE lamination welding, not adhesives; the product layers are actually fused together so delamination is NEVER an issue with our products.

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Original Perforated AtticFoil™ (double-sided)

AtticFoil™ Perforated House Wrap (single-sided)

AtticFoil™ Solid – Vapor Barrier (double-sided)

New AtticFoil™ Single-Sided with White Vinyl (perforated)

The best double-sided perforated aluminum radiant barrier foil insulation available; AtticFoil™ blocks 97% of radiant heat. Radiant barrier AtticFoil™ acts like shade: the more coverage the better. Your home will be more energy efficient and comfortable. Request a FREE sample today.

Double-sided (DS) foil available in both perforated (breathable) and solid (vapor barrier) versions.

Single-sided (SS) foil available in both perforated (breathable) and solid (vapor barrier) versions.

Foil + White Vinyl side available in perforated (breathable) only.