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We build our business on the principle of treating customers with the level of respect we hope to be treated with when we are on the consumer side. This includes timely communication and focused attention for the best possible customer experience before, during and after a sale.

Attic Foil
edfritz Radiant Barrier was founded by Ed Fritz, a man with a wealth of knowledge about the construction industry and a passion to teach others what he knows. Ed uses his first hand experiences, combined with his building science knowledge, to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand ideas. Our ultimate goal is to help you create a more comfortable, energy efficient environment – whether that is for your personal home and work spaces or if you install it in other people’s homes and work spaces.


Check out Ed’s blog, The Radiant Barrier Guru, for more projects involving radiant barrier, spray foam insulation and other energy efficient improvements for homes and buildings.

rbichiban is the number one manufacturer and distributor choice for radiant barrier supply to installing contractors and DIY homeowners all over the United States.


It doesn’t matter what radiant barrier product you are talking about: EcoFoil, Xtreme, Arma Foil, Ultra Power Shield, Diamond Shield, Ra-flect, eShield, Super R+, Green Energy Barrier, etc., as the manufacturer and direct distributor of AtticFoil™ Radiant Barrier, we guarantee our product is as good, or better, than any other product you will find. In fact, the product you are comparing might actually be AtticFoil™ with a new label. Of course for diplomatic reasons, we can’t confirm who we supply radiant barrier foil to, but you can be sure you are getting the best radiant barrier available. How do you know we are the manufacturer? Ask ANY of these companies if they produce a 60″ wide perforated radiant barrier foil – is the only one.


Order your free sample of our foil today and once the sample arrives, test it out and compare it against other samples – this is the best way to determine any differences! We are confident you’ll be happy with what you get and it will be easy to see for yourself why we are number one.


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