Metal Building Insulation – BlueTex™

BlueTex™ Insulation for Metal Buildings was started in 2006 as a solution for radiant heat problems in residential attics. What we found was that over time, as radiant barriers were found to be extremely effective at blocking radiant heat transfer, the scope and places it was used began to expand, and specifically in metal building applications. As we continued to hear from people about the kind of results they were getting in their metal buildings, we knew there was a real need in this market. Furthermore, customers in the northern USA came to us asking if we could also help them solve their moisture problems in these same buildings.
While there were products available for these types of applications, we hesitated to recommend them because in our experience, we consistently found that most of them were poorly made and didn’t last beyond a few years.
So we set out to design a product that would still keep the radiant heat out, but also help to keep the interior surface temperature above the dew point (to prevent condensation). We found that with just a little bit of denser XPE foam insulation and the radiant barrier foil, we could create a high-quality product that we would be proud to stand behind. BlueTex™ insulation is specifically designed for barns, sheds, storage facilities, airplane hangers, mini-storage units and poultry facilities. Just about any type of non-conditioned metal building application is a suitable use for it. And that’s how BlueTex™ Insulation was brought to life. *BlueTex™ insulation is *not* intended for use in residential attic spaces.

BlueTex™ Pro (2mm) Foil/White
BlueTex™ Pro (3mm) in Foil/White
BlueTex™ Supreme (6mm) in Foil/White

BlueTex™ is the best of two worlds, combining premium aluminum foil with high-quality EPE & XPE foam cores to work as a durable, all-in-one insulation for any metal building, whether it’s new construction or existing. After extensive research, we also decided to design it with a tape tabbed edge so it’s easy to install, we made it washable so you can clean it up if you’re using it in a professional setting, and we made it in our best-selling foil/white for commercial applications. BlueTex™ is available now in two different grades: Pro and Supreme.

BlueTex™ Pro & BlueTex™ Supreme

BlueTex™ Supreme is a 6mm foil/foam product that is the solution for heat rejection and maximum moisture control. Each roll will cover 300 sq ft and it’s available in foil/white (27lb). BlueTex™ Pro is available in either a 2mm 60″ wide or a 3mm 48″ wide foil/foam product that is great for heat rejection and light moisture control. 2mm is 700 sq ft and 3mm is 500 sq ft and is 25lb, with foil on one side and white on the other side.

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Pricing Info

BlueTex™ Insulation *FREE SHIPPING!*

BlueTex™ Pro 2mm – 700 sq ft 60″ Wide (1 x 700 sq ft roll) Foil/White
BlueTex™ Pro 3mm – 500 sq ft 48″ Wide (1 x 500 sq ft roll) Foil/White
BlueTex™ Supreme 6mm – 300 sq ft 48″ Wide (1 x 300 sq ft roll) Foil/White or Foil/Foil

All BlueTex™ orders ship FREE within the CONUS. For smaller orders we use FedEx® Ground and for larger orders we use LTL freight carriers. Most orders take between 1-4 days to arrive.

Dealers and Builders

BlueTex LogoIf you’re a dealer or builder and are interested in bulk pricing discounts for any of our BlueTex™ products, give us a call at 800-595-8772. Dealer discounts start at 5+ rolls per order.
Check out the BlueTex™ website for pricing, how to install, and more.