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Exterior/Outdoor Use

Using Radiant Barrier Outside

Typical use of AtticFoil™ is inside of an attic, barn, shed, etc. where the foil is not open to the elements outside. However, we have many instances where customers have used some creativity, engineering and planning and have successfully used the foil in outdoor applications. So, even though some of these are unique applications that the product was NOT designed for, it can do the job.

Other examples of more non-traditional uses for our product are: RV pop up awnings, sailboat covers, makeshift thermal blankets, temporary outdoor tents, lining cargo vans and buses, spa covers, lining shipping containers, and more.

Protecting gardens and foliage as a frost blanket.

Covering heat-sensitive media equipment at outdoor events.

Protecting outdoor equipment that needs to be temperature regulated.

Blocking heat transfer above flat-roofed homes and buildings.

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