Everything You Want to Know about AtticFoil™

Why is My Attic So Hot?

It’s not so much the temperature making your attic hot as it is the RADIANT HEAT from the sun.  Your attic will actually be HOTTER on a 70º SUNNY day than an 80º CLOUDY day. Have you ever noticed that your air conditioner will still run on a 70º sunny day, but barely turn on when it’s a CLOUDY 80º day.  THIS is the effect of radiant heat. It’s the same reason your car gets SO hot on even a mild sunny day.

What is a Radiant Barrier?

AtticFoil™ is basically a roll of heavy-duty pure aluminum foil laminated on both sides a tear-proof tarp product and the 48” wide and 26” wide rolls are most commonly used in residential attic spaces.

How Does it Work? 

It’s an easy DIY project.  You put INSIDE your attic and it reflects 97% of the Radiant HEAT (not the light) coming off the roof and making your attic insulation hot. It’s like “shade” from the heat INSIDE your attic. If we can keep the attic insulation cooler, then the home is more comfortable (easier to cool) and energy efficient.

Does Radiant Barrier REALLY work?

Don’t take our word for it. Here are 2,000 customer reviews from happy customers since 2009. We sell millions of sq. ft every year and have millions of sq. ft in stock ready to ship today.

How Is It Installed?

Two ways: 1) AtticFoil™ is stapled to the bottom of the roof rafters/trusses (this is typically most common in sunny-hotter climate areas) or 2) AtticFoil™ laid out on top of the attic insulation on the attic floor (this is usually done in cold or mixed climate areas). It’s simple to attach, all you need is a staple gun and a utility knife to install AtticFoil™ Radiant Barrier.

Do I Have To Do The Whole Attic?

No, many customers start by doing ⅓ or ½ the attic space, focusing on the more open areas. AtticFoil™ has a cumulative effect, which means the more coverage you do, the better and more effective the results are. Think about this, have you ever parked your car PARTIALLY under a tree? It still helps the car not get as hot, right? The same is true with your roof/attic, partial “shade” from the foil helps.

Can I REALLY Do This Myself? 

YES! AtticFoil™ has been installed in over 250,000 homes. We have a complete DIY install guide here and How To videos here.  People tend to really OVERTHINK it but it’s not complicated!  All you are trying to do is get a piece of AtticFoil™ BETWEEN the HOT roof and the cooler attic insulation and BREAK that heat path to REFLECT it back towards the sky.  It’s really that SIMPLE!

Can I Buy The Original AtticFoil™ In Stores?

No, we only sell direct. This gets you a better product at a lower price by eliminating the middleman, retail store or other online store.

How Much Will Save?

Basically, your house is just a big air-conditioned box sitting in the sun.  AtticFoil™ significantly reduces heat coming in the top of “the box,”  so the homes that see the biggest impact on savings tend to be one-story ranch style homes. However, two story homes will also see good savings, and improved comfort (especially upstairs).

What If I Need Questions Or Need Help?

Check out/search the full website, most questions/answers are here. If you still need help, don’t be shy, call us at 800-595-8772 or submit your question here: Ask Us Your Radiant Barrier Questions.  We are building science experts and offer REAL technical support.

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