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There are two main methods of installing radiant barrier: stapling it up to the rafters or laying it on the attic floor. Installation methods are not based solely on where you are located; there are several factors that determine the best installation method for your home. Every home is different, so while there are general recommendations for certain climates, sometimes one method is best for a particular home.


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Choose the Best Installation Method

Two Most Common Installation Methods

Standard Staple Up Method (Warm Climates)

The Staple Up (also known as the Open-Ridge) method is the standard method used most often in WARM or HOT climates. This is especially true if your main objective is to reduce summer heat gain or if you have ductwork in the attic.


Over Insulation Method (Cold or Mixed Climates)

Create a green energy barrier by laying the radiant barrier foil out OVER the existing insulation on the attic floor. This method keeps heat out in summer and heat in during winter months, making it ideal for year-round benefit.


Best Install Method?

Still not sure which is the best method for you?

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Install Tips & Tricks

Let us help put your concerns to ease with these installation tips from the pros. > See All Install Tips & Tricks

How to Measure

Use a simple chart to determine how much radiant barrier foil you will need for your project.

Supplies Needed for Install

Get the right tools for the right job. Here’s a list of recommended supplies you will need for your installation.

Sealing Can Lights

Find out how to seal your recessed can lights so they are more energy efficient & air tight.

Duct & Air Sealing

Find out if the ducts in your home are leaky and if so, learn ways to can seal them back up.

Customer Installation Photos

DIY attic installation photos from some of our customers.

When an attic is used for storage, a staple up install method is the preferred way to go.

Ductwork running through the attic space is another example of when a staple up method should be used.

Empty attic spaces in mixed climate zones can benefit year-round from the over insulation method.

In cold months, foil on the floor of an attic helps to stop radiant heat loss from the living spaces below.

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