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CLEARANCE 48″ Wide DS Perforated Radiant Barrier Foil


AtticFoil Clearance Radiant Barrier

*contiguous United States only

This clearance radiant barrier is a double-sided, 48″ wide roll at a great value!
Looking for an excellent value on radiant barrier? Look no further! We have extra product from a custom run that we’re offering at a great value! This clearance product reflects the same amount of radiant heat (97%) as our Original AtticFoil™ and it can be used in all climates.
What’s the difference between this foil and our Original AtticFoil™? The clearance foil is not as strong as our Original AtticFoil™ because of what it is made from. The customer who ordered this needed recycled content for the product and because of that recycled scrim, the clearance foil can rip if you try to tear it. However, this clearance product is still a great choice for house wrap or under a new metal roofing system, and it will work great for most attic applications. It’s also perfect for making your own radiant barrier OSB decking (Techshield®)!

Orders placed Monday – Friday (excluding holidays) by 3pm CST will ship the same day. DFW (Dallas/Ft Worth) area customers can arrange a pick up in Argyle, TX – more pick up info here.

  • Heavyweight Foil 14 lbs per 500 sq ft roll
  • 100% PURE aluminum – this is *not* metalized film
  • Linear Footage: 48″ wide by 125 ft long (500 sq ft)
  • Double-Sided (DS) foil on both sides; 100% recycled content scrim
  • Samples available – call for more info.
  • Looking for Foil Tape? Click here.

This foil is NOT rated as a VAPOR barrier; you usually do NOT want a vapor barrier in attic applications.

CLEARANCE 48″ Wide Double-Sided Custom AtticFoil™ Foil Perforated – FREE SHIPPING!*

FINAL SALE Radiant Barrier DS 1,500 sq ft – 48″ Wide
FINAL SALE Radiant Barrier DS 3,000 sq ft – 48″ Wide
FINAL SALE Radiant Barrier DS 4,500 sq ft – 48″ Wide
FINAL SALE Radiant Barrier DS 6,000 sq ft – 48″ Wide

Crate Price

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Dealers, Contractors, and Home Builders: need over 20,000 sq ft?
Call us for special pricing on high volume and crate orders: 1-800-595-8772.
We can build custom crates of any size for the 48" wide and 26" wide clearance foil product. We also offer same day freight shipping for orders placed Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) by NOON, CST. Crates ship FREE!
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