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Media Equipment Protection

PGA Media Equipment Protection

We had the privilege to work with CBS Sports as they provided media coverage for the 2011 PGA Tour in St. Johns, Georgia. They introduced us to a creative use for radiant barrier: using the technology to keep their media equipment trucks and vans cooler!


They lined the tops of the vans, trucks, carts, and trailers with the radiant barrier and the foil worked to keep the equipment cooler in the daytime sun, protecting your equipment from radiant heat build up.


Since it was a temporary use of the product, the foil was taped to the tops of the vehicles so it would stay in place. You could also use ties to strap it down, if you didn’t want to mess with sticky adhesives.


Even though CBS used AtticFoil™ as a temporary solution, it could be used in a more permanent way by affixing the foil to the roofs of the vehicles similarly to how you would attach foil radiant barrier to a flat roof. Or, you could install the radiant barrier inside the vans and trucks, under the roof. In golf carts this is easy to do since the roof opens up to air below, and the same is true for trailers and vans. The hardest part of the installation is securing the foil to the ceiling. Again, you can use a high temperature rated adhesive, like Liquid Nails, or you can even mess with using magnetic strips or Velcro. Once you attach the foil to the surface (whether it is on the outside or the inside) just make sure one side of the radiant barrier is facing open air. This is required for any radiant barrier. Once you know the simple basics of how a radiant barrier works, the possibilities of use are endless!

  • Cover media equipment vehicles to protect your investment.
  • Use under metal roofs on golf carts to prevent heat radiating on golfers.
  • Provides excellent coverage and radiant heat protection for media and entertainment reporters overseas in the hot, arid climates.
  • Protect video and audio equipment, speakers, wiring and cable, monitors, and anything else that is sensitive to heat gain.
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