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Case Study – Florida

A More Comfortable Summer in Florida

Location: Florida, USA


Problem: Hot spots in the summer, cold spots in the winter.


Solution: AtticFoil™ Radiant Barrier was used to block the heat in the summer & to help keep heat in during winter months.


Results/Update: Not only a more comfortable summer in Florida, but even now in the non-heating/non-cooling months, the home is already more comfortable and void of hot & cold spots.


In their own words:

Oh my gosh, I have to tell you about radiant barrier! A couple years ago, we met with a radiant barrier salesman. The bottom line was very pricey. “Noooo,” we said, that wasn’t going to happen, so the price they offered kept  decreasing until we still said “Noooo…”  Then in my off-the-grid research, I found We bought the foil, hired a couple guys to install it and for about a small fraction of the cost we were in business. Overall, in hot climates, they recommend the foil be stapled to the bottom cord of the top trusses. In cold climates, they recommend the foil be rolled out on the attic floor. [Some things can change that recommendation, but in general that is what goes.].


“…no more hot and cold spots.”

Our guys worked two days between Christmas and New Year’s and then came back and finished the job a couple weeks later. Even before they finished, we noticed there were no more hot and cold spots in our house – it just feels better. But the past week we have had some lovely picture-perfect weather; in the low 70’s, low humidity, wonderful days. Then yesterday it rained really early and the temps started dropping. We did NOT turn on the heat last night because the house temp was a pleasant 70 degrees and stayed there all evening.

So, yesterday the outside temp dropped from 70 to 43. Inside temp (no heat) dropped from 70 to 68. And not only do we anticipate a more comfortable summer in Florida but even now in the non-heating, non-cooling months, our home is already more comfortable. I kept saying, who buys radiant barrier at Christmas? But when I went back to, they were out of radiant barrier till Jan 12th! Apparently, everyone is buying radiant barrier.


“…our house – it just feels better.”

This was the BEST $$$ I’ve ever spent – if your house is smaller, or you live in a cold climate, you can do this for a lot less money. You can buy 2000 square feet of radiant barrier for less than $300 online at & on top of that, this great website has excellent info and pictures to do this yourself. It pays for itself and I had to share this with you. No, we get nothing for referrals — we are just this happy with a great product. We LOVE AtticFoil™ and rave about the product (and website) every chance we get!


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