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frequently asked questions – video answers

Welcome to our video FAQ series where AtticFoil™ owner, Ed Fritz, answers Frequently Asked Questions about radiant barrier foil. Many people are learning about the year round benefits of adding a green energy barrier like AtticFoil™ to a home or building and with that comes a lot of questions. Ed, the Radiant Barrier Guru, addresses some of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at


If you have a question you’d like answered that you don’t see here, take a look at our FAQ page or submit your own question.


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Question: I have two thermometers in my attic but one is always reading about fifteen degrees hotter than the other. When I bring the thermometers inside, both read the same temperature. What is going on?

Question: I’m installing AtticFoil™ radiant barrier using the staple-up method. How much of a gap should I leave at the tops and the bottoms of the foil to allow for proper ventilation?

Question: Will AtticFoil™ radiant barrier still be effective if I can only cover part of my attic space? Does partial coverage help at all when installing radiant barrier in an attic?


Question: How much cooler should my attic be after installing a radiant barrier?

Question: I’m interested in installing a radiant barrier – can I really install it myself? Just how difficult is it?

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