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These are actual pictures sent in to us from customers who have installed radiant barrier AtticFoil® on their own. They went up in the attic and got it done! We’ve organized the pictures into categories below – click on a photo to view the pictures in that category.

Remember the two main rules for installing a radiant barrier: 1) it does not have to look pretty and 2) partial coverage works. If you get the AtticFoil® between the heat source and the area you’re trying to control heat gain/loss, it will work. Most customers end up getting about 80-90% coverage – even if you miss part of the attic, installing radiant barrier AtticFoil® will still be very effective. Read more about how partial coverage with radiant barrier works.

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Watermarked 26 Wide AtticFoil Installation 72Staple Up Install Photos

Over Insulation Install Photos

IMG_1330House Wrap Install Photos

IMG_0017Hybrid/Combo Install Photos

P1060407Cathedral Ceiling & Wall Install Photos

Truss Attic Install Photos

Flat Top Method Holes Focus Feature photoFlat Top Install Photos

002Garage Install Photos

IMG_1705Exterior Use Install Photos

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